Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playlist Cut-up: For Noah

gonna have one side how you lose it
locked) me in the sun. We can win
stuck complacent didn't and crawled off, isn't it good
As I was lying in a hospital bed magic rush Feel it,
No fuck we cross is the curse
wouldn't be there to come take me to see
makin it worse this junk, against of above
but that didn't ache wine, biding my
oh, oh,
daddy because its flat
with a gunshot blowing.
Grease me I'm lonely
look outside my window to the hole divine sense
call for hands
told her I didn't and crawled off to control it
of love, fists to the tinkle
never takes you very baby, so I braided
One night to push She went into my rug, drinking her
you hear started to come down
Sermon's over say you're going
the outhouse

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