Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where is She? - Peter Cherches

     Where is she, I wondered, when she wasn't
there.  If she's not here she could be anywhere.  She
could be anywhere and not alone.
     I began to imagine the worst.  At every
imagining I thought I had imagined the worst, then I
imagined something even worse.  It got to the point
where my imaginings no longer included her.  I realized
that the worst did not encompass her.  As my imaginings
continued, as worst superseded worst, making the
preceding worst only worse, I began to forget her.  As
worst got worse, I forgot her more.  Things were getting
pretty bad, and I had almost forgotten her completely,
when she reappeared.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

experiment 122: the dope feels good

cunt ruin this messy feeling
my mole the cancer you pointed it out yeah
well who's livinwitit

see a window & a sink
a low sink what's that a toilet?
&mom, hey you lay down.

chart i need to progress
we'll have all the love
& yr lithe greasy body,
& its spinning out of control
&yr wet ugly hair...