Monday, January 31, 2011

Tumblr has pictures on it.

Some good collections:

Two Facing Poems - George Chambers

Budweiser Beer Truck
in cool desert camouflage
halt in April snows.

Beer cap, crown of thorns,
ghost at Ground Zero six-pac
empty - no return.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


like she’s you know
like building her web
or something. and she like
comes she comes up to
you and
says hey you know
i used to know him back
in 77

with the liquor&drugs
& says hey you know
i used to know him back
in 77

with the liquour&drugs.
and she like
beats my brains

baby you listen
hey big boy you get
the fuck back back in your sound

hit hit

flesh, you got the keys to the comp.
& out & out & out & out
the fine fine echoes
who need yababe?

Friday, January 28, 2011


Imagine our surprise
in such a tear-down & rebuild-type town
to see you not dismantled
when the cranes leaned in to peel
away your façade & to pick
you down to Tyvek.
Nude women’s rooms, we, two
gay men, assumed;
avoided you in the Capitol’s long shadow,
passed each day from work,
even inside your steel lattice
cut us up with shadows.
We didn’t know you grew another
coat of bricks
to race the changing season.

The lakes held the summer’s end’s dark green,
algal, shit-sustained through the century
& through massive progress,
through regress and demolition—
they killed the train
before they finished the station—
did the workers fasten a tube slide
of hooked-together garbage cans
from your window, hung
there to drain drywall, 2x4s and chairs
as across the street we ate
bagels and watched dumpsters fill.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


He made his living as an entertainer. He said he trained horses to fit themselves into tiny spaces, into closets, when in reality he would simply cram them in until no more could fit. Often, the animals wouldn’t last more than a few shows. There were two horses that survived surprisingly long, who were so used to being stacked on top of one another that they would automatically have intercourse. This quickly became part of the show. He would open the door after a minute or so and three to five frightened horses would pour out and expose two pathetic copulating horses, their terrified rib cages bent, bellowing frightfully as the audience would laugh.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playlist Cut-up: For Noah

gonna have one side how you lose it
locked) me in the sun. We can win
stuck complacent didn't and crawled off, isn't it good
As I was lying in a hospital bed magic rush Feel it,
No fuck we cross is the curse
wouldn't be there to come take me to see
makin it worse this junk, against of above
but that didn't ache wine, biding my
oh, oh,
daddy because its flat
with a gunshot blowing.
Grease me I'm lonely
look outside my window to the hole divine sense
call for hands
told her I didn't and crawled off to control it
of love, fists to the tinkle
never takes you very baby, so I braided
One night to push She went into my rug, drinking her
you hear started to come down
Sermon's over say you're going
the outhouse