Friday, April 30, 2010


spaced, buzzing bliss, faded & blown-out, fuzzed-out sound. hiss of metallic feed-back, crescendo of exhalation, phasers, lo-fi large soundscape, snowy hazy stoned buzzing. wasted drone, drowned-out drughaze, white noise through blown headphones, dangerously loud, ear-damage effects, washed-out wall of sound. hard luck lovetones, speakers pan, mono, stereo, disintegrating structure, hard switches. underlying snowstorm vocals, a distant field, open growth louder than hell, ruptured irreversible melody vibrations rattling glass. blasted tide, rocks on the shore approaching sublime intervals, expanding, pitch-changing chord, wavering, clinging, lingering whitewashed overdose slim narrow shadowy relentless trash. screeching, last gasps of forced air, wind-erosion, brain-bleeding leisure. sexlaced and hardcore, dripping oilslick groans. the machine has started, the quietloudquiet is unsettled. reversed & polarized, major faded, creeping, angular//obtuse bifurcation. sawing lumber, distant traffic, sonic saturation, inundation, saltlines, self-destruction, the withering-away. monitors up, levels, off-key imbalance. extended blaring radiation, creeping wide-on full-fledged attack, grinding upsurge, waves rising. sustained distortion,crunching analog freak-out. disorientation, sin, cacophony, spattered canvas sideways glance. androgynous come-on, dirty mattress toss&turn, quivering destruction.

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