Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two by E. E. Cummings

pound pound pound
on thy cold grey corona oh P.

but I would that my tongue could utter
the silence of Alfred Noise

Speak speak thou Fearful guest;tell me,immediate
child of Homer—when you wrote The Dial Cantos did you know
of the organ and the monkey?

Tears,idle Tears! I know not what you mean….
dear little Sweeny,child of fate,
how dost thou?—And the stiff dishonoured nightingales:

fled is that music. (I perceive
a with undubitably clotted hinderparts in obviously

compatriot;let us step into this metaphor.)


2 shes

both not quite
young perfectly

respectable obviously married

women each a you
know soup son more
a(with of course their well
above their showing

sit sat LOOK

ing and lookanding andlookingand at
what That)then i
laughing obvicouldn’t

ouslyhelp itwhy be

cause the
he can you sitting
on that bench in perfectly
bright obviously sunlight Right
before Every
one the yes Hole

WORLD was(praying chin up eyes

tightshut locked
hands pray)ing unbeliev
able he real
(when young was
niceyeslooking but some


how weak sort of or i doano)the
atrical now you
got me laughing but we shooden eye
can’t helped omygod hehehemygodhegodmy

god. Allatonce the apparition

arose and
looking straightahead


appea)ring a
mong treestreestrees


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