Monday, March 21, 2016

potential experience 206 (I am afraid of witchcraft [no, I’m not afraid of anything!]): NAME REDACTED cripple and the starfish NAME REDACTED —Self-replicating little man dreams of Bogotá

she is with you in the fog
so let it soothe your joints, swell
your bones — respire her
& see the dogsbreath cloud
over their teeth that nuzzle,
clip hair in your silence,
air of despair but only ever
yours, at least that's special.

dad, take care of your body,
your sadness, feel it especially as you
do & leave it at feel. but thank
anything you can think of for this feeling,
you can’t shy from it or hide.
it’s you & she’s in your cellular physiology—
two mutations toward one another,


like you’ll never know that again.
but thank whatever you
can think of for it, at all.  dad, i’ve seen people not feel;
i’ve seen people’s fathers not feel,

you did something right//

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