Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On Queer

the Radical Anything//gay as fuck swishing
down midwest streets kissing yr friends &
Acceptance-inclusion, even
the str8s who look on
w/that weird longing at times
& they're us too(, I guess & not)--
a.) Queer:::a.) Minority of
LOVE damaged tragically sometimes always conceptual 
from lqqks to showshowshows way more apt to fuck
in groups//all our naked friends
a knowing an awareness an understood glance on the bus

on the bus we take the bus

Shane Shane's asshole//Dust Tea Shoulder's beard a cunt beat exploration that discordant composition Lucas Carey made about Kafka the intimacy we share you don't have to have sex & if you're compulsive
about it we get it & if you want to wear
that thing in public we definitely get it
& we'll help you make it & build a stage

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