Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where is She? - Peter Cherches

     Where is she, I wondered, when she wasn't
there.  If she's not here she could be anywhere.  She
could be anywhere and not alone.
     I began to imagine the worst.  At every
imagining I thought I had imagined the worst, then I
imagined something even worse.  It got to the point
where my imaginings no longer included her.  I realized
that the worst did not encompass her.  As my imaginings
continued, as worst superseded worst, making the
preceding worst only worse, I began to forget her.  As
worst got worse, I forgot her more.  Things were getting
pretty bad, and I had almost forgotten her completely,
when she reappeared.


  1. Thanks for reprinting that. It will appear in my next book, Lift Your Right Arm, due out in March.

    Peter Cherches

    1. Thank you! It's an absolutely beautiful poem that is helping me overcome a rough time. I look forward to buying a copy of your book.