Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the lyrics,

Hey, I can be the answer, i'm ready to dance when the vamp up, and when i hit that dip get ya camera, you could see i been that bitch since the pamper, and that i am that young sis, the beacon. the bitch who wants to compete and i could freak a ‘fit, that pump w/ the peep &, you know what ya bitch become when her weave in, i just wanna sip that punch with ya peeps &, sit in that lunch if ya treatin, kick it with ya bitch who come from parisian, she know where i get mine from and the season, now she wanna lick my plum in the evening, and fit that ton-tongue d-deep in, i guess that kunt gettin eaten (2x) - i was in the 212 on the uptown A nigga you know what's up, or don't you? word to who made ya, i'm a rude bitch nigga, what are you made up of? i'ma eat ya food up boo, i could bust your 8, i'ma do one too, fuck ya gon do?, when ya do make bucks, i'ma look right nigga bet ya do want to fuck….. fuck him like ya do want to cum, ya gay to get discovered in my two-one-deuce, cock-a-likkin in the water by the blue bayou, caught the warm goo, in ya du-rag too son? nigga you're a kool-aid dude, plus your bitch might lick it, wonder who let you come to one-two, with ya doodoo crew son…. fuck are you into, huh? niggas better oooh-run-run, you could get shot homie, if ya do want to, put ya guns up, tell your crew don't front, i'm a hoodlum nigga you know you were too once. Bitch i'm ‘bout to blew up too, i'm the one today, i'm the new shit boo, young rapunzel, who are you bitch, new lunch? - i'ma ruin you kunt (3x) AYO, I HEARD YOU RIDING WITH THE SAME TALL, TALL TALE, TELLING THEM YA MADE SOME, SAYING YOU GRIDING BUT YA AIN'T GOING, NOWHERE WHY PROCRASTINATE GIRL? YOU GOT ALOT BUT YOU JUST WASTE ALL YOURS AND, THEY'LL FORGET YOUR NAME SOON, AND WONT NOBODY BE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF (YEA) -WHAT YOU GON DO WHEN I APPEAR? W-WHEN-WHEN I PREMIERE? BITCH THE END OF YOUR LIVES ARE NEAR, THIS SHIT BEEN MINE MINE. (2X) bitch i'm in the 212 with the fif' cocked nigga its the TWO-ONE-ZOO, fuck ya gon do, when ya goon sprayed up, bet his bitch wont get him, bet ya you wont do much. see even if ya do want to bust, ya bitch'll get ya cut and touch ya crew up too pop, ya playing with ya butter like ya boo won't true cock the gun to where ya do eat poom hun? i'm fucking with ya cutie-q, what's your dick like homie? what are you into? what's the run dude? where do you wake up? tell ya bitch keep hatin', i'm the new one two huh…. cuz i remember you when you were the young new face but ya do like to slumber don't you? now ya boo up too hun.. I'M A RUIN YOU KUNT. -WHAT YOU GON DO WHEN I APPEAR? W-WHEN-WHEN I PREMIERE? BITCH THE END OF YOUR LIVES ARE NEAR, THIS SHIT BEEN MINE MINE. (2X)

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