Friday, September 17, 2010

Nicola Kuperus

I've always wondered if the photography for the ADULT. albums was by the same person, and it turns out it is! Singer Nicola Kuperus is actually an accomplished photographer with a degree in the field. Her work is a fine example of taking a concept and running with it. In Kuperus' case it's largely a study on female legs in heels with conservative office wear. The photographs on her site all contain some sort of violence, usually implied, many of which seem to nod to the 50s considering the cars and fashions that are involved. Though they can obviously be interpreted as a serious comment on the subjugation of women (back then? now?), the pictures are also often absurd and comical.

There's something very motionless and haunting about these pictures. I think they compliment her music well.

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